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Raka 260 Hardener - Tropical

Price: Priced By Volume.


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Please understand how our online pricing policy is different from other stores.
Most stores charge a set price for an epoxy kit and when you order some extra resin or hardener you pay a much higher unit price.
Example: John Doe orders a 30 gallon kit at $1290.00 the unit price is $43.00 per gallon. If he should order an extra quart of Raka 127 resin he would pay $22.00 for that quart which translates to $88. gallon.
On our online Raka Store we will only charge you according to the total volume purchased.
Example: John Doe on our Raka online site will now only pay the prorated amount of that extra quart of resin. $43.00 per gallon divided by 4 which is $10.75 for that extra quart.
We want to encourage our customers to mix and match without having to pay a penalty.
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